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Longleaf Podcast episode list

Episode 003: Can Charlotte become a political town?

Charlotte was just awarded the 2020 Republican National Convention, but the city is much better known for business than politics. Longleaf Politics publisher Andrew Dunn talks with Charlotte political consultant Lawrence Shaheen about why Charlotte seems to be so inept at politics and how that could change.

Episode 002: What a 2020 RNC in Charlotte would be like

Longleaf Politics publisher Andrew Dunn speaks with Matthew Ridenhour, a Republican county commissioner in Mecklenburg County and a two-time delegate to the Republican National Convention, about what it would mean for Charlotte if the city is selected to host the 2020 RNC.

Episode 001: Top things to watch as 2018 elections heat up

Longleaf Politics publisher Andrew Dunn is joined by Charlotte Republican political consultant Lawrence Shaheen and Democratic campaign manager Tonya Jameson to talk about the 9th Congressional District race, grassroots efforts on the left, and whether education will be the top issue in the 2018 General Assembly elections.