Working the polls: The latest updates on the state of North Carolina races and issues

We’re collecting the results from as many polls as we can to help you track where the 2018¬†elections are headed.

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May 2018 polls

Generic ballot, General AssemblyDemocrat 40%, Republican 40%PushCivitas
Roy Cooper approvalApprove 56%, Disapprove 34%Approve +22Civitas
Barbara Jackson/Anita Earls (North Carolina Supreme Court)Jackson 41%, Earls 36%Jackson +5Civitas
Generic ballot, General AssemblyDemocrat 44%, Republican 37%Democrat +7SurveyUSA/Spectrum
Generic ballot, U.S. HouseDemocrat 44%, Republican 41%Democrat +3SurveyUSA/Spectrum
Roy Cooper approvalApprove 49%, Disapprove 26%Approve +23SurveyUSA/Spectrum
General Assembly approvalApprove 32%, Disapprove 35%Disapprove -3SurveyUSA/Spectrum
Roy Cooper approvalApprove 49%, Disapprove 38%Approve +11PPP

April 2018 polls

Pittenger/McCready (presumed primary winners in NC09)Pittenger 42, McCready 37Pittenger +5PPP
Robert Pittenger approvalApprove 31, Disapprove 39Disapprove -8PPP
Budd/Manning (presumed primary winners in NC13)Budd 43, Manning 40Budd +3PPP
Ted Budd approvalApprove 33, Disapprove 38Disapprove -5PPP

March 2018 polls

Pittenger/Harris primary (NC9)Pittenger 52%, Harris 20%Pittenger +32Civitas

February 2018 polls

Roy Cooper approvalApprove 50%, disapprove 30%Approve +20Meredith College
Generic ballot, General AssemblyRepublican 43%, Democrat 42.5%Republican +0.5Meredith College
Roy Cooper approvalApprove 50%, disapprove 25%Approve +25High Point University
Generic ballot (U.S. House)Republican 40%, Democrat 39%Republican +1High Point University