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North Carolina’s 2020 election starts now

Think the 2018 midterms were contentious? The 2020 election in North Carolina will make that look like nothing. The stakes for...

North Carolina’s fight over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, explained

Between its mountains, beaches and rolling pine forests, North Carolina is a state of immense natural beauty. But it's...

4 of North Carolina’s biggest environmental fights

North Carolina continually struggles to balance the environment and the economy. Exhibit A is the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. You can...

A conservative message that will work in the suburbs

Nearly all of the Republican losses in North Carolina and around the country in 2018 came in suburban areas. Cities...

Here’s what a congressional map looks like when you actually leave politics out of it

What should the goal of redistricting be? For years, it's been to give one party the maximum possible advantage. This...

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