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The definitive explanation of North Carolina’s gerrymandering mess

Gerrymandering is arguably the hottest topic in North Carolina politics. But trying to tease apart everything that's happened since North...

What’s next for North Carolina voter ID

By a substantial margin, North Carolina voters approved a change to the state constitution this fall that requires voters...

Gerrymandering or geography? Why Democrats win more votes and fewer seats

N.C. Democrats made big gains in the General Assembly in the 2018 elections. But should those gains have been...

What the Democratic sweep means for Mecklenburg County

For the first time in decades, the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners will be controlled by a single party. Democrats...

Suburbs are no longer safe for N.C. Republicans

For years, areas on the outskirts of North Carolina's largest counties reliably went red. These parts of Mecklenburg and Wake...

Do you know who runs North Carolina?

Politics is about people. That’s why we set out to rank the people who are making the biggest difference in our state’s political world in 2018. The list encompasses the top 50 elected officials, fundraisers, donors, consultants and politicos who get things done in North Carolina today.

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