Don’t look now, but the race for 2020 has already begun. On this page, we’ll collect the latest polling numbers.

Note to campaigns: Send us your internal polls, and we’ll publish the results. Send results and crosstabs to

Did I miss any publicly released polls? Let me know as well.

Here are the latest. You can also see how they compare to 2018 polls.

February 2019 polls

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr approvalApprove 27%, Disapprove 34%Disapprove -7High Point University
U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis approvalApprove 25%, Disapprove 36%Disapprove -11High Point University
Gov. Roy Cooper approvalApprove 47%, Disapprove 31%Approve +16High Point University
General Assembly approvalApprove 36%, Disapprove 33%Approve +3High Point University

January 2019 polls

Gov. Roy Cooper approvalApprove 44%, Disapprove 35%Approve +9PPP
U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis approvalApprove 31%, Disapprove 37%Disapprove -6PPP
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest favorability Favorable 19%, Unfavorable 19%PushPPP
Pat McCrory favorability Favorable 39%, Unfavorable 38%Favorable +1PPP
General Assembly generic ballotDemocrat 44%, Republican 42%Democrat +2PPP


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