North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District is still up in the air, and it could be weeks before there’s a resolution. But left-leaning groups are already gearing up for a special election for the seat.

The Chicago-based Progressive Turnout Project is hiring for multiple political organizing and operations positions based in Charlotte. They’ll recruit volunteers and organize rallies in the 9th Congressional District with the stated goal to “increase voter turnout, elect Democrats, and resist the Trump agenda.”

The preparations come as Republicans are still figuring out how to respond to allegations of election fraud. The State Board of Elections is investigating allegations of malfeasance in absentee by mail ballots in Bladen County, and the U.S. House could refuse to seat Republican Mark Harris.

Democrat Dan McCready, who lost to Harris in initial results by just 900 votes, has been raising money for about a month. National Democrats have chipped in as well.


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