What is Longleaf Politics?

Longleaf Politics is a new type of media company

  • We’re a news source, covering N.C. government and politics through detailed explainers and incisive commentary.

  • We’re a trusted guide, giving voters, candidates, lobbyists and business executives useful resources to succeed in N.C. politics.

  • We’re a political communications and strategy firm, working to get smart leaders elected and practical policies passed.

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Why does Longleaf Politics exist?

We launched in January 2018 to fill a hole in the media world and provide an alternative for savvy news consumers frustrated by how the state’s dominant media outlets cover politics.

Our mission soon expanded to help responsible leaders win office.

Who's behind Longleaf Politics?

What does Longleaf Politics believe?

We believe that there’s no such thing as an unbiased news source. Our news stories stick to the facts. Our opinion pieces skew toward an independent, reasonable right-of-center perspective.

But these beliefs we hold are much more important:

  • We believe in civil debate.

  • We believe moderation is not a dirty word.

  • We believe in the marketplace of ideas.

  • We believe people can disagree without one side being evil.

  • We believe in decency and respect.

  • We believe that both Republicans and Democrats can have good ideas. Independents, too.

  • We believe that to do is much more difficult and valuable than to criticize from the sidelines.

  • We believe that North Carolina is the best state in the nation and we want it to succeed.

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