Hello, smart North Carolinian.

If you’ve landed on Longleaf Politics, you’re undoubtedly a smart, connected citizen looking for a better way to keep up with North Carolina news and politics. So glad you’re here!

Why does Longleaf Politics exist?

Longleaf Politics is dedicated to cutting through the noise to help North Carolinians be smarter citizens. We cover policy, not protests.

Each week, Longleaf Politics produces exclusive stories and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the week.

We deliver everything you need to be a more well-informed voter, a more effective advocate, a more capable public servant or a more successful businessperson.

If we’re not both useful and easy to understand, we’ve failed in our mission. Are you tired of reading a news story and not being able to figure out what’s actually going on? You won’t find that here.

Who reads Longleaf Politics?

We give our readers the information they need to advance their careers, grow their businesses, craft better policy, win higher office and cast more informed ballots.

Our email subscribers are smart, plugged-in North Carolinians:

  • Voters
  • Taxpayers
  • State legislators
  • Policymakers
  • Legislative staff
  • Lobbyists
  • Political candidates
  • Businesspeople

What does Longleaf Politics stand for?

  • We believe in civil debate.
  • We believe moderation is not a dirty word.
  • We believe in the marketplace of ideas.
  • We believe people can disagree without one side being evil.
  • We believe in decency and respect.
  • We believe that both Republicans and Democrats can have good ideas. Independents, too.
  • We believe that to do is much more difficult and valuable than to criticize from the sidelines.
  • We believe that North Carolina is the best state in the nation and we want it to succeed.

Who’s running the show?

Andrew Dunn is the founder and publisher of Longleaf Politics. He launched this site to fill a hole in North Carolina’s media world. Longleaf Politics is also his love letter to his home state of North Carolina.

Andrew is currently the Head of News at Charlotte Agenda, responsible for content at a fast-growing local news startup and part of the management team making strategic and financial decisions. The move to digital journalism came after a decade as a reporter and editor at North Carolina newspapers including the Charlotte Observer and the StarNews in Wilmington.

Andrew is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and former editor of The Daily Tar Heel. His work at has been cited numerous times by the N.C. Press Association and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.