As 2019 campaign finance reports begin to go public, state Senator Dan Bishop appears to have a commanding lead in fundraising for the 9th Congressional District special election.

Fundraising is especially crucial in this special primary on a reduced timeline. Filing was in mid-March, and early voting for the primary begins next week.

Here’s how the Republican field is faring in terms of donations, as of March 31.

  • Dan Bishop: $150,000
  • Matthew Ridenhour: $63,627
  • Leigh Brown: $38,880
  • Stony Rushing: $35,068
  • Stevie Rivenbark: $9,585

Bishop has also loaned his campaign $250,000 from his own money. Being able to do this gives him a huge advantage, particularly in this contest on a tight-turnaround. This has allowed Bishop to release two mailers already and a run of television ads.

With the benefit of a longer fundraising period, Democrat Dan McCready reported raising $1.6 million in the first quarter. He does not face a primary and has effectively been running nonstop since November, before the last election against Mark Harris was thrown out over allegations of absentee by mail election fraud.

Only one candidate so far has turned in paperwork in the 3rd Congressional District special election, and none of the frontrunners have. We’ll update you as more information becomes public.

Cover photo via Dan Bishop on Facebook


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