North Carolina’s Republicans and Democrats have pretty different views on the direction the country is headed in and whether Gov. Roy Cooper is doing a good job.

But there’s one thing they agree on: North Carolina’s two political parties aren’t cutting it. Both the right and the left believe the state would be well-served by a strong third party.

That’s one of the findings of a new Meredith Poll released Wednesday.

The poll found that only 23.5% of North Carolinians believe the two major political parties are doing an adequate job, and over half said a third party is needed.

This view is pretty evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. 56.3% of Democrats called for a third party, compared with 51.3% of Republicans. As you might expect, unaffiliated voters favor a third party by a two-third majority (67.1%).

Of course, North Carolina already has a wealth of third parties. But judging by the vote totals they bring in, N.C. voters don’t believe these particular parties are the solution.

The Libertarian party has had ballot access for years. More recently, the Green Party and the Constitution Party have also gained ballot access, adding another option for the left and right, respectively.

However, those two parties have not yet had time to build the infrastructure, register enough voters and communicate their platform in a way that allows them to put forward viable candidates.

Cover image of the North Carolina State Capitol Building by Ron Cogswell via Flickr (Creative Commons)


  1. I would submit that the problem is not time and infrastructure. The problem is that none of these parties represent the middle. The choices are Democrats: far left; Green Party: far, far left; and Republicans: far right; Libertarians: far, far right on most issues with a few exceptions on social issues they don’t care about.

  2. The Constitution Party did quite well on its first time on the ballot. Given short notice. They elected a county commissioner in greene county, had a sheriff poll 15 percent in a 3 way race, another county commissioner poll 25 percent and almost out poll the democrat in a 3 way race, and another county commissioner poll almost 40 percent.


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