Attorney General Josh Stein is hiring an attorney who will be busy right away — getting ready for a protracted legal battle over the 9th Congressional District.

The state Department of Justice is hiring a lawyer to specialize in election-related litigation, according to a new job posting. This attorney would be part of the “special litigation division” and “independently represent the state in elections-related litigation.” The attorney would also advise the State Board of Elections — which employs its own legal team.

New hires would be paid between $95,000 and $97,000, but an internal candidate could make up to $161,000.

The attorney general’s office tells Longleaf Politics that this hire is filling a vacant position from an attorney who left, not a new addition.

But this is an area of need for the department as litigation begins involving the 9th Congressional District. Republican Mark Harris, who appeared to win by 900-some votes, has formally asked the Wake County Superior Court to require the State Board of Elections to certify his election.

The board has declined to certify the race as it investigates claims of absentee-by-mail election fraud.

The state attorney general’s office is required to represent and defend the state in legal matters, except where otherwise proscribed by law.

Cover image of the Justice Building in downtown Raleigh, home of the N.C. Supreme Court. Photo by the North Carolina Judicial Branch via Facebook.


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