Cites across North Carolina are trying to impose scores of rules of regulations on e-scooter companies like Bird and Lime, which have made getting around town easier.

Turns out, though, that these city council members don’t like following the rules they set.

Just two days after the Charlotte City Council voted to approve new rules for e-scooters, Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt was photographed in what appears to be violation of them.

Charlotte’s slate of rules prohibits riding on sidewalks within an area of Uptown bounded by Church Street, Stonewall Street, College Street and 7th Street. That’s the heart of Uptown. Eiselt was one of 7 council members to vote in favor of it.

But internet sleuthing confirms that Eiselt is on 3rd Street between Tryon and College in this picture below. That would be a violation of the ordinance she just passed.

Photo of Eiselt was shared by councilman Tariq Bokhari on Twitter, but he did not rat her out for the ordinance violation.

Eiselt can clearly be seen riding on the sidewalk. The building and landmarks show it’s 3rd Street.

Eiselt responded with good humor.

Now, let’s take this in good humor too. I’ve been known to ride scooters on sidewalks from time to time. That said, I don’t have a say in what the rules are.

Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how stringent we need to regulate them.


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