The online media world is all about memberships. The idea is that you can build a sustainable business around a few thousand people who are passionate about what you do — to the point where they’re willing to pay you a small amount of money every month indefinitely.

An Orange County Democrat is taking the same approach to his political campaign.

Rep. Graig Meyer introduced a membership-style group to his email list on Tuesday called the “Pragmatic Progressives,” open to people making a $10 monthly contribution to his campaign.

That gets your access to a very media-like suite of perks: first access to special events and regular newsletters with an inside look at the campaign.

From Rep. Meyer’s “Pragmatic Progressives” landing page.

Recurring donations are, of course, nothing new1. But Democrats especially have put a high value on cultivating a large base of small-dollar donors. That’s for good reason: What better way to get somebody feeling invested in a campaign than by getting them to actually invest?

Every campaign is a media company. It will be interesting to see how this experiment works by acting like one.

Cover photo of Rep. Graig Meyer by Graig Meyer via Facebook.


  1. I view this as a flash in the pan media event designed to get an article written about him instead of actually working. But, for what it is worth, I think the Democrats and the candidate(s) who actually try this they will be praised for the effort whereas if a Republican would even mention it they would be characterized as arrogant and full-of-themselves candidate that would immediately receive a primary challenge. Big difference in political thought between the two parties and their members.


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