Toll roads aren’t bad in and of themselves, N.C. Sen. Jeff Tarte says.

In Georgia, for example, a major project charged drivers 50 cents to use Georgia State Route 400 near Atlanta — but only until the project was paid off.

North Carolina has taken a different approach to tolls. The state is pursuing several “managed lane” projects that add tolled lanes to existing highways with variable pricing to keep traffic moving at a steady speed.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation should abandon that way of thinking, Sen. Tarte says.

“Tolling in this manner, across the state, is a total dead end, needs to be put to bed and never considered ever again,” the Cornelius Republican said on the latest episode of the Longleaf Podcast.

Listen to the full episode below or on your podcast platform of choice. Need some more background on the I-77 toll lane project before you listen? Here’s our explainer.

Cover photo by Senator Jeff Tarte via Facebook.


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