The N.C. Home Builders Association has become one of the first PACs to make a major spend on electioneering communications this election cycle.

The group disclosed in April that it spent just over $127,000 on direct mail in support of 17 candidates for N.C. House or Senate. All of them are incumbents.

Many of them work in the real estate industry, and most are Republicans. Several are facing tough primary elections — most notably N.C. Rep. Rodney Moore, a Democrat in Charlotte and Rep. Jon Hardister in Greensboro.

Others are being targeted by the opposition party in November, including N.C. Sen Dan Bishop in Charlotte and N.C. Rep. Jonathan Jordan in the mountains.

The mailers were sent by Cornerstone Solutions NC, a consulting firm that works on both sides of the aisle. They did a big campaign two years ago for the Connect NC Bonds.

The Home Builders Association spent the money through its education fund, which sends mailers and rents billboards for candidates it supports.

Last year, the main PAC sent $300,000 to the education fund — so it has plenty of powder left for the 2018 elections.


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