Need a last-minute gift for somebody who loves North Carolina? I’ve been in this situation plenty of times.

Here are my top 7 cheap N.C. gifts that will arrive in two days or less via Amazon Prime.

Note: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that Longleaf Politics will make a tiny bit of money if you use them to buy the product (or if you buy something else on Amazon after using the link).

North Carolina outdoor flag ($5.95)

Any self-respecting North Carolinian will have a 3′ by 5′ flag hanging outside their door.

See on Amazon.

If you want to splurge, go with the heavy-duty option ($29.99).

North Carolina dress socks ($13.99)

Fun dress socks are still in style.

See on Amazon.

North Carolina bangle bracelet ($8.99)

Every Carolina girl needs one.

See on Amazon.

State flag license plate ($5.93)

If you currently have a dealer plate on the front of your car, you have no excuse.

See on Amazon.

State outline necklace ($8.93)

Also available in gold and rose gold.

See on Amazon.

North Carolina cookie cutter ($5.99)

I bet this works on brownies too.

See on Amazon.

N.C. laptop sticker ($9.95)

Get noticed while working at Starbucks.

See on Amazon.

Cover photo by Mr.TinDC via Flickr (Creative Commons)


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