Welcome to PAC Track. As Democrats nationally hope to ride a “blue wave,” expect a flood of money to enter North Carolina races.

Some are homegrown efforts. Others are national organizations targeting our state. We’ll also list information on major spends made by national PACs in North Carolina races.

Here’s what we know about them so far.

Know of more? Send us an email. We’ll update this page with information as it comes available.

Homegrown PACs

N.C. Citizens for Clear Action

Goal: It appears like it is to defeat Sen. David Curtis, a Lincoln County Republican who sponsored a bill to take procedures reserved for eye surgeons and allow optometrists to perform them, Curtis told The Charlotte Observer.

Leaders: They have no website and have not disclosed organizational details.

Spend: The organization has raised $175,000 so far this year, nearly all of it from the North Carolina Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons. The NC Citizens For Patient Safety chipped in $25,000 though.

N.C. Citizens for Clear Action has spent just over $100,000 so far on TV ads, mailers and robocalls. A TV ad about “taxes” was the biggest chunk at $40,000.

No website.


Goal: Flip Republican seats in the General Assembly to Democrats. To do this, they’re setting up “Indivisible” groups across the state for grassroots action. Their first target is N.C. Rep. Nelson Dollar.

Leaders: Patrick Bayer, an economics professor at Duke University. Amy Cox, data analyst.

Spend: It’s unclear how much they’ve raised. So far, FLIP NC has disclosed only $1,724.12 in spending — for T-shirts, buttons, pizza, canvassing materials and web services.


Photo by FLIP NC via Facebook.

Mountain Values Coalition

Goals: Identifying and endorsing candidates in down-ballot races in western N.C., including county commission, sheriff, school boards.

Leaders: Secretive. The treasurer is Art Goudey Jr., a Raleigh CPA who’s been the treasurer for a bunch of campaigns and Pat McCrory’s Connect NC bond campaign.

Spend: TBD


NC Citizens for a Better Tomorrow

Goals: TBD

Leaders: Treasurer is Kathy Knight, a compliance management consultant who has worked for clients including U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, Judge Bob Hunter and Conservative Leadership Committee NC.

Spend: $0 so far

Appalachian PAC

Goal: Unknown

Leaders: Jeremy Bertrand, a log and timber homebuilder.

Spend: TBD

Women Awake PAC

Goals: Electing progressive women in Wake County.

Leaders: Raleigh lobbyist Paula Wolf.

Spend: TBD


Outside money

Progressive Takeover

Goal: Turn out Democrat voters in key General Assembly races, focusing on “people of color, single women, and millennials.”

LeadersGina Cruz, North Carolina State Director. She’s a former regional organizer for the Democratic Party in Greenville and worked on Kay Hagan’s 2014 campaign. The group is affiliated with the Turnout PAC in Chicago.

Spend: The PAC has committed to putting $100,000 toward GOTV efforts, including field organizers, digital ads and text campaigns.


One Vote At A Time North Carolina

Goals: Electing “progressive politicians” across the country. They’re especially focused on gun restrictions.

Leaders: Sarah Ullman, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker.

Spend: They’ve raised $5,200 so far from a California screenwriter.



Goals: Electing “progressive change-makers” in the battleground state of North Carolina.

Leaders: They’re based in New York but working through the Raleigh office of Blue Wave Political Partners.

Spend: $3,227 on an event venue and website. They had a big event in New York City featuring N.C Rep. Graig Meyer.

Note: Team4NC initially registered as a PAC but shortly after rescinded.


Major Spends (above $10,000)

NC Property Rights Fund

This PAC spent $59,658 in April on mailers in support of the following candidates:

  • Sen. Ben Clark (D-Raeford)
  • Rep. Tom McInnis (R-Rockingham)
  • Vicki Sawyer (Republican candidate for Senate in District 34, in Iredell County)
  • Rep. Frank Iler (R-Oak Island)
  • Rep. Ted Davis Jr. (R-Wilmington)
  • Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Greensboro)
  • Rep. Jay Adams (R-Hickory)
  • Rep. Kelly Hastings (R-Cherryville)
  • Rep. Amos Quick III (D-Greensboro)
  • Rep. Carla Cunningham (D-Charlotte)

Americans United For Values

March/April: Opposing Rep. Walter Jones. $14,133.45 in direct mail through Majority Strategies.

Watch list

Billionaire Tom Steyer says he’ll put $1 million into flipping N.C. Congressional Districts 9 and 13 blue. It’s unclear what form that will take.

The Congressional Leadership Fund is committing a substantial amount of money behind TV ads for Rep. Ted Budd.


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