If you’re a fan of diversity of opinion in the media, you won’t love this news.

McClatchy, the publicly traded company that owns North Carolina’s two major newspapers, is hiring a “North Carolina Opinion Editor” to oversee a combined editorial board at both the News & Observer in Raleigh and The Charlotte Observer.

Previously, the two newspapers had their own editorial page editors and editorial boards. Charlotte’s has been led by Taylor Batten. The N&O’s page was most recently led by former executive editor John Drescher, who just took a job at the Washington Post.

Both editorial boards have earned a reputation for being left of center. However, the job description states that the goal is to publish a “wide range of diverse political views” in its pages.

The move is the latest in a series of changes that combine McClatchy’s North Carolina operations. Presumably, this will mean the board will focus more on statewide news and less on local news specific to Charlotte or Raleigh.

It’s unclear how large the combined editorial board will be. The job posting says the North Carolina Opinion Editor will edit board members’ work.

Cover image of the former Charlotte Observer building — now destroyed — by Daniel X. O’Neil via Flickr (Creative Commons).



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