The Huntersville political consulting firm Red Dome Group has been a central figure in the still-unfolding scandal in last year’s 9th Congressional District election.

By implication and 7-degrees-of-separation, that has the rest of North Carolina’s Republican consulting world on edge.

Red Dome Group was the general consultant for the Mark Harris campaign in the tainted election and signed the checks for McCrae Dowless, who has been indicted on charges related to absentee-by-mail ballot fraud.

In more than six hours of testimony before the State Board of Elections earlier this month, Red Dome Group founder Andy Yates vehemently denied knowledge that anything was amiss with Dowless or his Bladen County get-out-the-vote operation.

But during that hearing, he also voluntarily name-dropped more than a half-dozen Republican consultants who were connected to the Harris campaign, and numerous other campaigns Red Dome Group has worked on in the past.

That has some GOP consultants in North Carolina worried that they’ll be attacked as guilty by association, Republican insiders tell Longleaf Politics.

Operatives cited by Yates range from campaign managers to fundraisers to field directors. During his testimony, Yates also said there were “similarities” between a team run by another Harris campaign worker and the team run by Dowless.

While none of these people has come close to being accused of wrongdoing — indeed, not even Red Dome Group has been directly implicated — all is fair in politics.

These consultants say they’re worried about their future job prospects and attacks from opposing campaigns.

In any event, Red Dome Group’s involvement in the Harris campaign will likely lead to massive changes in North Carolina’s Republican consultant ecosystem.

Red Dome Group had been one of the few direct mail venders working with GOP candidates. It is still too early to tell whether that will continue to be the case. Yates has said he is fighting to preserve his business.


  1. Red Dome Group knew nothing about Dowless’ behavior? Seems to me when you sign soeone’s paycheck, you should know what you’re paying for.


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