Based on how many teachers requested the day off, the crowd at the N.C. Association of Educators’ rally on Raleigh was expected to number in the tens of thousands.

Roughly 2,000 teachers called out from Wake Count Public School System, the largest in the state. Another 2,000 requested the day off from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. A total of 30+ districts cancelled classes Wednesday to support the teacher strike.

However, only a modest number of teachers trekked to downtown Raleigh’s Halifax Mall  for the May Day rally. Just as numerous were socialists, anarchists, and labor union organizers pushing for everything from abolishing ICE to lifting the U.S. embargo on Cuba.

The total crowd was estimated to number about 1,000 to 2,000. Speakers included Gov. Roy Cooper and other Democratic leaders.

The event was the N.C. Association of Educators’ second demonstration at the General Assembly building. This year, they were advocating for more funding for school support staff, expanding Medicaid and raising the minimum wage for school staff to $15 per hour.

Perhaps quelling the crowd were the unprecedented investments in education the Republican-led General Assembly has approved over the past few years.

Teachers have benefited from five straight years of pay increases, and the state has invested tens of millions of dollars in more school counselors, psychologists and social workers.


  1. A majority of school support staff (custodians, bus drivers, TA’s, etc) have not seen any of the pay increases touted. The march was also for supporting them, as well.

    • ….and open borders, abolishing ICE and all the other Commie nonsense.

      If you want to teach in a Communist country, go to Cuba ….

      • Good thing our Founding Fathers didn’t share your myopic views about free speech and protest. We might all be drinking tea and playing cricket still today. Pip pip, and cheerio!

  2. Really disappointed in this “reporting.” Were you there Andrew? I was. It was none of these things. 1000 people? Definitely not. There was a SEA of red, with teachers and supporters of public education (like me and my extended family) who joined in support all the way from Charlotte with 4 kids along. It was a time of celebration and empowerment. And I’m saddened that you have left your credible reporting days behind you. Saddened for all of us as our democracy is only as strong as our media, and I have appreciated you as a centrist voice for many years. But obviously no longer.

    • The media lies; it is 98% FAKE news. It;s good t see honest reporting and the photos add to the truth of this report.

    • Wow, this article is very inaccurate. I was there and the crowds were about the same as last year. The crowd pictured here was for the rally behind the capital, not the march itself. I know that there were many that stayed on the other side of the capital. I also saw a lot of other groups that were there but your pictures suggest that the march was about them. It wasn’t. As far as your concluding statement….it sounds right out of Phil Berger’s mouth and is equally inaccurate.

  3. When you don’t have intellectual vigor and desire to do on the ground reporting, cry socialism and lie about crowd size. The pictures don’t lie and teachers are Americans raising families and teaching our children who come from
    All political persuasions. Lord, this schtick is so 2018. Pssst… they were marching for more nurses, librarians, mental health professionals, and support staff too. Because they CARE for our children.

    • If it was just teacher-related issues, fine, but it wasn’t. It was a hodge podge mash-up of all the far left extremists orgs that plague this nation. If you want to have a political rally, have a political rally, and not use
      a ruse as was done here by wrong-headed Democrats

  4. Most teachers are communist and proud of this. They want higher pay for less performance and say no more. All teacher pay should be performance based. And take the computers out of class. Everything I go to my child’s school they are watching YouTube or cartoons. Teach them not take breaks. You want more pay?? Choose a stem job.

    • Yes! Thank you,Terry! Thank you for some common sense…finally! And while you’re at it…repeal child labor laws…the 40-hour work week…weekend & holidays. It’s time to stop talking about making America great again, and start making America great again!

  5. I just want to make sure I understand your “story,” Andy. The Raleigh police estimated the crowd at around 19,000 (a little less than last year’s estimated 20,000), but you–who weren’t there– say it was more like 1,000-2,000. And mostly populated by socialists, communists, probably Venezuelans, North Koreans, a few Russian hackers and Paul Manafort…on a rare mid-week pass. Wow! I wonder how the Raleigh cops got this so wrong. Your talents are being wasted on this small blog, Andy. Anyone who can judge crowd size from their basement office, and who can cherry-pick photos to make even the best intended rallies look sinister should apply to one of those fancy big city papers.


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