At this early stage, the potential Republican candidate who would give Gov. Roy Cooper the toughest challenge is none other than Pat McCrory.

A new poll from left-leaning Public Policy Polling shows that the two governors are separated by only 4 points, roughly equal to the margin of error.

That’s the closest of five potential challengers that PPP asked people about. Here are all of them:

  • Roy Cooper 45%, Pat McCrory 41%
  • Roy Cooper 46%, Thom Tillis 37%
  • Roy Cooper 47%, Dan Forest 35%
  • Roy Cooper 48%, Phil Berger 34%
  • Roy Cooper 46%, Tim Moore 32%

Don’t read TOO much into these results. This early in the election cycle, these results are largely a result of name recognition. McCrory was once governor and remains popular among Republicans.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is still largely under the radar among the general public and has yet to define his message.

Want to keep up with the 2020 polls? Here’s our guide.

Cover image of Gov. Roy Cooper by NCDOT via Flickr (Creative Commons).


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