The N.C. Association of Educators is planning a teacher walkout and rally in Raleigh on May 1, a Wednesday and a regular school day. This follows up on the May rally they held last year on the opening day of the short session.

The two largest school districts in North Carolina, Wake and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, have already called off classes for this year’s rally. But now some school districts are starting to push back.

Craven County and Union County have already stated that May 1 will be a normal school day.

Today, the Iredell-Statesville Schools district announced that they will not close on May 1 in a strongly worded statement.

This school district did close in 2018 for the rally at the opening of the legislative session, which also fell on a school day.

“Closing school for a rally, regardless of the message being delivered, will cause an unnecessary hardship for working parents,” a press release from Iredell-Statesville Schools says.

“We stand behind our teachers and the work they are doing every day in classrooms to educate our children,” the press release stated. “We trust they will be there on May 1 to continue their excellent work in educating our students if no well-qualified substitute is available.”

Cover photo of buses heading to Baldwin Elementary in Hope Mills. Photo by Gerry Dincher via Flickr (Creative Commons)


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